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Secondary Camp Information


Thank you for your interest in Bonneville School District’s Pine Field Biology Experience!

The camp is for students in grades 7th – 12th. Completion of the online portion and field portion will earn a HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE CREDIT. You have a choice between two camp weeks: 


Week 1: July 29 – Aug 2
Week 2: Aug 5-9


The cost is $226.42 plus state tax of $13.58 for a total of $240.00 (includes Pine Basin Summer Camp T-shirt and admission to Jackson Hole Playhouse). 


Tentative overview of the program:

Mondayleave Bonneville High School (BHS) Please arrive just before 8:00 am. We will be pulling out of the parking lot at 8:30 a.m. There is a quick parents meeting at 8:20 to get last minute information. Mondays activities will be orientation, environment class, specimen identification program, small group organization, activities with group teaching assistants, free time and campfire activities and class reviews.

Tuesday— forestry classes, dendrochronology, identification search, water and fish study , skit night, and night hike.

Wednesday—Grand Teton National Park, riparian biome research at Jenny Lake and String Lake, Fish Hatchery, Geology of the Tetons and of course see a bit of the Jackson shoot out, and evening at the theatre. (Can bring spending money)

Thursday—Palisades or 4th of July Peak , game trails activity, grasslands and oxbows. We will not have a traditional Parents Night, but we will welcome family and friends to join us in our traditional Staff Chase and end of week party which has become world renown. Guests are welcome at 7:00 p.m.

Friday—Review weeks I.D. Journals. Complete course requirements for high school biology credits, GAGA tournament and get ready to go home. Arrive at BHS at 3:00 p.m.  


To complete the registration process:

  1. Fill out the Pine Basin EcoScience Application
  2. Pay your fees (instructions below)

Reservations are on a “first come and paid, first served basis”. Submit your application and pay your fees to ensure you get the camp week that you want!

Payment is accepted via check or through the District's payment system. Your reservation is not complete until you have submitted an application (linked above) AND full payment has been received by the district.


Credit Card Payment for D93 Students:

  1. Log into to PowerSchool
  2. Once signed in, in the navigation pane along the lift side of the screen, choose Purchases and Payments.
  3. This will take you to Touchbase without having to sign in. You should see your students and be able to make a purchase there.
  4. Select the student you would like to pay for
  5. Choose items at all schools button
  6. Next to School Type click on District Office > Bonneville School District > Pine Basin
  7. Select Buy next to the item you would like to pay for
  8. Click on checkout to pay

Credit Card Payment for Out-of-District Students:

  1. Go to Touchbase
  2. Scroll to Guest Users section
  3. Click link to create an account
  4. After creating an account, log into Touchbase
  5. Select Items at All Schools
  6. Next to School Type click on District Office > Bonneville School District > Pine Basin
  7. Click on checkout to pay

Check payments:
Please note: Your reservation is not complete until payment is received by the district. 

  1. Make checks payable to: Bonneville School District #93
  2. Mail or deliver check to:

Pine Basin Outdoor Education Summer Camp Reservations
Bonneville Joint School District No. 93
Attn: Becky Buddenbohm
3497 N. Ammon Rd.
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Cash Payments: Please bring exact change to the address above.

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your fees are paid and your application has been processed. If you have questions, please call 208-525-4400 or 208-757-2857.


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